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DISCRIPTION Picture Biofireplace is an innovation used indoors with regular ventilation systems (not to be used in completely air-closed buildings). Biofireplace does not require a chimney. The combination of simple elements and stylish finish gives pleasant feeling and brings ambience. This is reached due to a live fire which is not steady (like candle fire). Biofireplace is made of high quality stainless steel and other elements with eye-catching colors. Any room takes on a modern look and elegance. Biofireplace is simple in assembly and various in utilization. It can be built into any classic shapes or frames of fireplaces. Biofireplace is an efficient source of heat and an attractive addition to any heating system. Traditional heating systems tend to dry out the air reducing the quality of comfort and that of inhaled air. Biofireplaces made by E-MAGLED company come with integrated air-moisturizing system (patented system). While enjoying the heat coming from biofireplace, the system moistures the air around at the same time. Adding fragrance or other aromatherapy oils to water container increases comfort and pleasure. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Bio-fluid called BIOPALIX® is burnt in biofireplaces, or more specifically, its fumes. The ingredients of BIOPALIX® are carefully selected and steam with carbon dioxide become the burning products. Steam causes the increase of humidity and the quantities of carbon dioxide are not hazardous. There is on emission of smoke whitch usually comes out of conventional fireplaces. On average, 1L of BIOPALIX® keeps the flame burning from 2 to 5 hours (burning times vary depending on the kind and openness of burner). In conventional fireplaces up to 60% of heat goes outside through the chimney. In biofireplaces the heat stays inside. CONSUMPTION EXAMPLES: Biopalix approx. 30 MJ/kg Wood 12 MJ/kg Fuel 45 MJ/kg Coal 24 MJ/kg

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