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pavement & road iluminating bricks

pavement & road iluminating bricks (0)

Pavement & road iluminating bricks RGBW
LED bricks RGBW Nostalit 9 x 12 x 6cm
WHY BUY ILUMINATING bricks from us?
- Life 120 000 hours,
- The world's best Cree LEDs,
- 4 year warranty
- Proven Polish brand
- over 2000 satisfied customers,
- Easy installation, Do not buy the cheapest - buy the best quality, service life, durability and warranty. RGBW is an absolute novelty in the family of luminous paving stones! Now, in addition to the standard RGB Your stione can light a single white light!
In our product we installed an extra set of white LEDs by Cree. This gives you unprecedented in this type of products, the intensity of light! The use of a separate channel LEDs provide 100% repeatability of white color. You can buy our RGBW stones in two versions of white light:
- Warm white (color temperature 2800K)
- Cool white (color temperature 5000K).

Each luminaire is equipped with an watertight box enabling direct connection (no need to use connectors).

The product is hermetic and has a degree of protection IP67 certified by the company Zetom.

Our products are equipped with LED Cree - the world's leading manufacturers of LEDs.



Pavement & road iluminating bricks are:
- convenience (bricks are matched to the concrete blocks, the ability to remote control)
- strength (pressure 8000 kg / dm 2, LED light source, homogeneous lump)

- versatility (color changing of lights by remote controller, RGB LED technology, more than 16 million colors)
- security (guarantee of two years, supply voltage 12V, hermetic box for connection)

- modernity (RGB LED technology, remote controlled).

The color that stones will shine depends only on you! You do not have to decide on a specific color of stones, of which then you will not be able to change later!
Paving witrh RGB LedBruk is a homogeneous monolith therefore no horizontal dissection effect occurs under the pressure!








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