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The gas fireplaces is a very contemporary solution to the often fervently cherished desire for a fireplace. The absence of the chimney makes the gas fireplace  accessible for everyone unlike a fireplace

In the gas fireplace provides warmth and conviviality. Your summer nights will be extended on a particularly attractive way.

The gas fireplace seems to be made of concrete, when in fact they are made of composite. This makes them resistant to extreme heat and cold and they can be left without a problem outside all winter. The gas fireplace is available in different models (square, rectangle, round and oval) and in different colors (black, charcoal, taupe and white) and sizes.


The fire of the gas fireplace is powered by a stainless steel gas-burner of 19.5 kW, nicely camouflaged with optical logs and lava rocks.This way the fire seems as burning flames on wood. The fire is ignited by the electronic ignition and flame height can be adjusted by using a dial, both finely processed in a stainless steel panel. The gas fireplace are supplied with 4 stems, 5.5 kg of lava stone (3.5 kg in the circular model), a PVC protective cover and 250 cm CE-approved rubber gas hose…

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