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Electronic price pylons

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Electronic price pylons


LED price inserts for petrol station pylons constitute a modern element of petrol station management. Super-bright LEDs ensure good visibility and legibility in all weather conditions, even in the summer sun exposure. The choice of a LED digit allows us to adjust the device to customer needs. The thin-profile casing (only 3 cm) enables modernising the existing price pylons. Easy installation, choice of controlling method, possibility to turn off any price and a flash effect are the additional advantages arising from the application of LED inserts. Moreover, price inserts in modular technology are also available.


Matrix-hermetic technology
Hermetic technology
Technology with aluminium and perspex casing
cyfry_matrycowe cyfry_hermetyczne technologia_zabudowana
PM 30-3
PM 30-4
PM 35-3
PM 35-4


Displays for transport


As a reliable manufacturer we guarantee spare parts supply, servicing, improved quality and competitive price compared to similar displays imported from China. Our research and development department is constantly working on product enhancement. These units are capable of displaying sliding text in single color mode only – monochromatic.



LED color availability: kolorystyka


Display features:
1. Entering  up to 30 route names consisting of  120 characters each.
2. Text editing, sliding from right to left side of the display.
3. Displaying current time, date and temperature.
4. Changeable speed of text moving. 20 speeds available.
5. Text stopping option - 1s pause  (Or more)
6. Multilingual users menu.
7. Choice of 3 types of fonts: normal, bold and thin.
8. Possibility of justyfiyng and stopping the text  
9. Displaying small and capital characters in each language.
10. Special characters available (arrows, £, €)
11. Route selecting is done at the LED screen  is installed at the back side of the display. With use of two buttons you can select route to display
12. Automatic and manual brightness control.
13. Available power supply 12V or 24V.
14. Text entering possible in following 14 languages: English, Russian (Cyrillic alphabet), German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Dutch and Polish



Mini-panel (for route edition)
At the back side of display a mini-panel is installed. Driver operating two buttons +/-  selects desired route number, verifying it at the display.  A-BUS displays version is equipped with a car power supply inverter: 12 V  or 24 V. While ordering choose required option.

The unit uses the latest LED technology which ensures brilliant visibility maintaining low power consumption at the same time. A standard computer keyboard can be used for text enter and settings change, a standard USB keyboard comes with every set and is plugged directly to the text displaying unit.

Weights displays

We manufacture electronic displays for large weighing scales. The LED displays for weighing scales are controlled by the series interface (opto RS-232, RS-422, RS-485). The solid steel and aluminium casing ensures the fail-safe operation of a device in industrial conditions. The displays have a function of turning off redundant zeros; they also support special messages, like: overloading, a weight measure error, etc.

The RGB Technology displays for weighing scales are designed to cooperate with the scales terminals which use the ASCII communication protocols.


The devices are supplied with the software, which, dependent on the version, ensures that they can work properly with the following terminals:

- Rhewa 82 Basic, 82 Comfort and compatible,
- Rhewa 83 plus and compatible,
- HBM Rinstrum WE2108, WE2110 and compatible,
- SysTec IT1000, IT6000 and compatible,
- Leon Engineering LD5204 and compatible,
- compatible with RADWAG,
- any terminals using the ASCII communication protocol (the protocol configured from the computer by means of the intuitive RGB Wagset program).




Example of application of the weight display.








Prestige Line casing

Steel casing

Stainless steel casing

Power supply

Standard 230 VAC / 50 Hz
optional 12VDC or 24VDC

Power cable

Standard 1,5m – extension possible

Signa cable

Entry through cable gland

Digit hight


12 cm

12 cm


SMD, Superbright,
wide illumination angle

wide illumination angle

wide illumination angle

IP protection




Operations temperature

-20*C +70*C

Interface RS232

YES (oneway)

Interface RS422

YES (oneway)

Interface RS485

YES (bidirectional)

Current loop interface CL 0…20 mA

YES (oneway)

Interface transmission parameters RS232, RS485, RS422, CL

Data bit: 7, Parity: Odd, Even,
Data bit: 8, Parity: None, Odd, Even,
Stop bits: 1,

Interface communications speed RS232, RS485, RS422, CL

300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200, 230400

Ethernet communications interface

Available after additional fee, standard IEEE 802.3 10 BASE-T and IEEE 802.3u 100 BASE-TX,
connection TCP or UDP

Brightness regulation

YES (automatic and manual)

Displaying unstabilized

8 character text

Displaying overload information

8 character text

Displaying underload information

8 character text

Displaying error information

8 character text

Lack of communication with terminal

8 character text

Displaying advertising text

YES, text written in:
up to 100 characters displayed in situations specified by user (no communication with terminal, measure equals zero). Special characters available
(currency, degrees, arrows etc.)

Bidirectional protocols  (eg. display demand to submit measurement result, measurement result receiving confirmation)

YES (Only in RS485 and Ethernet)

Software for configuration (singular operation while installing the  display)

RGB WagSet 2

Number of fonts

2 (bold, normal)






(with roof 5,2cm)

(with roof  8,5cm)

(with roof 8,5cm)





Average Power consumption






ZS-OA SERIES – Special countdown clock

The device is meant for counting up the time that has passed since an event occurred or for counting down the time that is left before an event takes place. The passing time can be displayed as:

  • seconds (max countable value 99 999 999)
  • minutes (max countable value 1 666 666)
  • hours (max countable value 27 777)
  • days (max countable value 1 157)

Depending on the needs, the counter of the clock is comprised of 4 up to 8 digits, whereas the illumination intensity can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference. Configuring and operating the unit is carried out using a standard computer keyboard. A keyboard is not required when the clock is working in standard mode. Additionally, the clock can be controlled with a remote control.

After the countdown has ended, the fact can be manifested in an acoustic way or with the use of light. You can also set a reminder at a certain point before the countdown is complete./p>

Clocks and Thermometers

Banks, production plants, offices, shops, environments, for which the information about the time is an integral part of their activity, may benefit from RGB Technology products. Every clock offered by RGB Technology is resistant to adverse atmospheric conditions, and may be, optionally, synchronised by GPS. The modern and timeless design of the offered LED clocks makes them suitable for every type of environment, ensuring optimal durability, punctuality and legibility, even from long distances.


Clock ZA and ZB having a great configuration potential. The intuitive user menu allows full personalisation of the type of the displayed information. The device has permanent memory storing the input settings. The set includes a clock and a remote control. Optionally, the clock may be equipped with a satellite time synchronisation module.

The clock allows:
- adjusting the time of displaying the parameters,
- adjusting the date format,
- deactivating the „second hand” colon blinking,  
- automatic brightness control,
- temporal switching the display off,
- automatic satellite time synchronisation (option),
- self-readjustment to standard time or Daylight Saving Time (option).

Hermetic technology


RGB Product Development Department has developed innovative hermetic technology for clocks and thermometers. The resin polymer compound has enabled achieving IP67 protection rate. In addition to high protection against adverse atmospheric conditions, it guarantees that the inserts can be easily kept clean (they may be cleaned with a washcloth). The devices can be serviced from the front, which allows you to replace a module in a couple of minutes.



Technology encased in perspex and protected by the aluminium frame casing and plastics.

The technology of price inserts encased in perspex and protected by the aluminium frame casing and high quality plastics, which we have developed, has been highly appreciated by our clients. It provides IP54 protection rate. In addition to high protection against adverse atmospheric conditions, it guarantees that the inserts can be easily kept clean.


We recommend the GPS-based satellite time synchronisation system, which is available as an additional option in Series Z and Series ZT. Time synchronisation ensures accuracy up to one second and also ensures self-readjustment to standard time or Daylight Saving Time. Do you want two or more clocks to indicate precisely the same time? Use the GPS-based satellite time synchronisation system.

Read more about the GPS synchronisation.

Q1 Series - Queue management unit

The unit is used for displaying the number of a customer who is to report to the desk. The set includes up to five 2-digit displays, the control module and a numeric keypad. The keypad can be safely connected or disconnected with the power switched on.

Score board

Score boards allow for displaying  current score and minute of game. Light construction made of alloy frame and high quality plexiglass assures easy assembly. Convenient steering with remote control is quick and simple.
Maximal clock value is „99” minutes.


Technical data:

TYPE Hight Width Digit hight Thickness Weight
TW-P24 71 cm 190 cm 24 cm 3 cm 9,5 kg
TW-P40 100 cm 250 cm 40 cm 3 cm 12 kg

Set includes:
• Score board
• Steering with remote control
• Mounting hooks
• Instruction
• Warranty 24 month
• Timer – counts minute of game. Set the inintial value ( 00 – first half or 45 second half) with use of remote control.
• Time can be paused


Counter of manufactured items

The counter dedicated for counting the amount of manufactured goods at production workstations. The device displays three-digit numbers and is operated by three buttons (add, subtract, reset). It has 10 brightness levels set manually. The counter settings are saved in the permanent memory and they will not get lost in case of power supply failure.



Firma e-Magled spezialisiert auf Beleuchtung in der Möbelindustrie eingesetzt. Wir produzieren auch Leuchtreklamen, Bildschirme, etc .../p>

Wir versuchen, neue Trends, die sich in einer zunehmenden Zahl von Kunden übersetzt zu Hause und im Ausland zu absolvieren.

Wir bemühen uns, unsere Produkt-Basis zu entwickeln und ständig an die sich verändernde Marktumfeld anzupassen, beim Hören auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden. Zu unseren Kunden führende Positionen werden von Innenarchitekten, Lichttechnik, Großhändler und professionelles Unternehmen in der Möbelindustrie tätig besetzt.

Wir bieten Ihnen eine moderne LED-Beleuchtung zu sehr günstigen Preisen. Wir bieten eine breite Palette von Produkten mit LED-Technologie, wie Lampen, Klebeband, Klammern und Zubehör wie Netzteile, Ventile, Kabel, Schalter, Regler.